#VirtualJaneCon 2022

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

12:00 am UTC – Jane Austen and the British East India Company – Kelly Gardiner and Sharmini Kumar

12:00 am UTC – Jane Austen Fan Fiction: past, present, future – Sarah Pesce

7:00 am UTC – “Nor Entered Into Unadvisedly:” Jane Austen on Marriage – Tara Clarkson

9:00 am UTC – Ugh, as If: The Story of Emma, Clueless, and Why Other Adaptations Have Fallen Flat – Briana Michelle Meyer

10:00 am UTC – Women’s voices at the turn of the 19th century – the examples of “Pride and Prejudice” (Jane Austen) and “The Mysteries of Udolpho” (Ann Radcliffe) – Marie Sarraute-Armentia

12:00 pm UTC – Creating a Jane Austen-inspired garden – Laura Ingalls Gunn

1:00 pm UTC – The Austen Romance Writer World, an Introduction – Bianca Hernandez-Knight and Nikki Payne

2:00 pm UTC – Jane Austen’s “Sanditon” in Context: Before and After 1817 – Misty Krueger

3:00 pm UTC – Size Matters: Fat Costumers on Body Diversity in Austen and Austen-Adjacent Media – Lacy Phillips

4:00 pm UTC – When Cassandra Mourned Jane: Regency Mourning Wear and Traditions – Tiffany Gayle

6:00 pm UTC – Austen-ish: Diving Into the World of Austen-Adjacent Literature – Faith Smith

7:00 pm UTC – Ten Lessons on Life and Writing from Miss Jane Austen -Jessica Bull and Felicity George

8:00 pm UTC – Austen to the Sixth Degree – Emily Davis-Hale, Lauren Wethers, Zan Cammack, Diane Neu

10:00 pm UTC – Conversations With Regency Period Drama Friends: Reframing The Historical Accuracy Discussion In Support of Racial Diversity – Amanda-Rae Prescott

Sunday, July 17, 2022

1:00 am UTC – Wearing a flannel waistcoat to a duel: Why we don’t see Colonel Brandon as a Romantic hero – Harriet Jordan

10:00 am UTC – The Bennett Sisters, episode 1: A Reading

  • Latisha Jones – Producer/Writer/Director
  • Abigail Pervais – Narrator
  • Leslie Barnett – Jenny Bennett
  • Matré Grant – Marie Bennett
  • Angie Antonie – Elisa Bennett
  • Marshall Bradshaw – Tom Edgerton/Peter Corlé
  • Ann Harriet – Clarissa Bennett
  • Scott Randolph – Russell Bennett
  • Jeremy Suarez – Benito Lopez
  • Adam Basco-Mahieddine – William Darcy
  • Jonathan David – Andrew Lucas”

12:00 pm UTC – A Jane Austen-inspired garden party – Laura Ingalls Gunn & Guests

1:00 pm UTC – Gender Subversions in Pride and Prejudice – Elizabeth Gilliland Rands

3:00 pm UTC – Making a Taffeta Drawn Bonnet – Rachel E Pollock

3:00 pm UTC – For This Dance, For The Tea: Playtesting Austen-Inspired Descended From the Queen Games – Emily Friedman & friends

3:00 pm UTC – Beyond Lizzy: Pride & Prejudice from alternate points of view – Amanda Quain and J.C. Peterson

4:00 pm UTC – What Would Jane Wear? | Making the Most of a Limited Regency Wardrobe – Ayana of The Vintage Guidebook

5:00 pm UTC – Pop music in Jane Austen Adaptions – Rachel Amber Bloom

5:00 pm UTC – Sewing Elinor Dashwood’s checked dress from Sense & Sensibility 1995 (So I can Cosplay as Emma Thompson) – Kate Zarrella

7:00 pm UTC – Race and Racism in Austen Spaces – Bianca Hernandez-Knight, Amanda-Rae Prescott, Kerry Sinanan, Tré Ventour, Adrienne Garcia-Specht

8:00 pm UTC – Austen Space: An Examination of Parallels Between P&P (2005) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) – Jaina Shaheen

9:00 pm UTC – A Deep Dive into Miss Lambe: Exploring the Life of the Wealthy Black Heiress in Jane Austen’s Sanditon – Tiffany Cruz

A note on time: All listed times are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Convert to your time zone here.

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