About Virtual Jane Con

Virtual Jane Con is a free, online convention by and for Jane Austen fans celebrating her life, works, and world through a range of programming events. Presentations can include academic discussions of Austen’s works, guest author talks, presentations on historical contexts, costuming, film adaptations, fan panels, and more!

Virtual Jane Con is founded on the principles of access and inclusion. 

Virtual Jane Con:

  • Solicits program submissions regardless of qualifications or credentials
  • Cultivates radically inclusive discourse
  • Celebrates Austen and Austen-adjacent interests
  • Provides access for fans regardless of geography and identity
  • Elevates standards of online community building through continuous reflection

This event is free for participants and presenters

Virtual Jane Con will offer all events, presentations, and programming online free of charge to anyone who wants to attend them. Anyone interested in presenting at Virtual Jane Con is welcome to submit a proposal free of charge.

At all stages of participation and submission, Virtual Jane Con is committed to accommodating any needs that attendees and presenters have in order to participate fully.

Organized by Jane Austen fans for Jane Austen fans

Virtual Jane Con is founded by Austen fans! Unironic enthusiasm and passion for these works makes this event fun to run and fun to attend. This is a place to let loose your wild fan theories about the fate of the Bennet sisters to an equally interested audience.

Invite program submissions regardless of qualifications or credentials

All fans can make thoughtful contributions to Jane Austen discourse. One aim of Virtual Jane Con is to promote an attitude of inclusion of any educational background. No Ph.D. required!

Cultivate radically inclusive discourse

Virtual Jane Con seeks to create an online environment in which contemporary readings, interpretations, and exploration are not silenced. We seek to uplift historically marginalized voices in the Austen community. Our hope is that a more diverse collection of perspectives will lead to a richer understanding and appreciation of Jane Austen’s works.

Celebrate Austen and Austen-adjacent interests

Passion for Austen expands far beyond the author and her works! Fans of Austen’s works are also enthusiastic about costuming, history, books, film, and so much more. All of these things bring new interest and appreciation to Austen.

Provide access for fans regardless of geography and identity

The format of VJC attempts to eliminate barriers to access with free, on-demand, online content with a focus on maintaining safer spaces for attendees and presenters through moderation and community accountability.

Elevate standards of online community building through continuous reflection

The values ascribed by Virtual Jane Con are not static and will change and evolve to best serve the event and surrounding community. The community guidelines are developed out of this continual reflection. It is a requirement of all attendees, participants, and organizers to adhere to these guidelines to keep this community safe and accountable.

See our community guidelines here.