Community Guidelines

stack of colorful covered Jane Austen books

In the interest of maintaining safer spaces, we require adherence to the following guidelines developed out of Virtual Jane Con’s principles of access and inclusion. All organizers, participants, and presenters will be expected to uphold these standards and work to educate themselves on why they are integral to this space.

Sessions, discussions and any Virtual Jane Con social media interactions will be free of discriminatory or hateful language (explicit or implied) that targets people based on race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ability, religion, national origin, socio-economic class, education or background. 

In addition, Virtual Jane Con will not tolerate:

  • Slurs and epithets [FAQ with more coming soon!]
  • Personal attacks or aggressive language 
  • Doxing or invasion of others’ privacy

Speakers and participants are expected to adopt contemporary language that addresses and acknowledges the racism and other forms of discrimination in historical terms. [Hyperlink to FAQ re: “This includes enslaved person/worker/mother/child rather than “slave”; enslaver vs. “master” or “mistress”; mixed-race person vs “mulatto,” “quadroon,” etc.” Learn more about why this is important from the Dickens Project.]

Virtual Jane Con encourages the use of content/trigger warnings in a visible place at the beginning of presentations and/or in the episode notes section where relevant. Here is more info on trigger warnings

Speakers and presenters are expected to be inclusive in presentations by providing text descriptions of featured images, incorporating  closed captioning. (Here’s how.) This also applies to Social Media interactions, including the use of alt text for promotional images. [Best Practices coming soon!]

This is a space for expressing joy, admiration and appreciation of all things Austen, and the ways the community celebrates her work and legacy. 

With the understanding that the values enumerated above are being adhered to, participants are expected to come to all events and discussions with an attitude of generosity and mutual respect. 

Contact us with questions or concerns.