Accessibility Info

Below you will find information we have gathered around accessibility best practices we think could apply to this con and experience. It is not the the depth or breadth of accessibility needs, but we think it is a good starting point.

There are many, many ways to make programming accessible. Below are just a few of the resources available that may apply to your submission. You can find more info on video accessibility and why this is important here.

Some ways to make a video accessible
  • Closed Captions (required for your final video)
  • Transcripts
  • Good contrasting colors
  • Easy to read text

Here’s a checklist with far more info on how to create more accessible videos. 

How to edit YouTube auto captions and use accessibility features

Editing the auto-generated captions on YouTube takes a few steps, but it can be done. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of editing your YT captions, along with the platform tutorial as well here. You can also upload a closed captioning file to YouTube as well

Free ways to caption your videos

On-platform options

Some social platforms have built-in caption options that can be used. Check out the guides below for more:

Don’t forget to include visual descriptions for images as well! Social Media is great for promoting your VirtualJaneCon talk, but remember to provide captions/visual descriptions.

What about for live events?
WEBPAGE ADA/access checkers: 

Here are some more links that might help you with your content:

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